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Let's find the best levers

Gaining conviction in what we do well, and structure in what could be improved: that is the whole purpose of a Recruitment Audit.

We capitalize on your strengths and provide an analysis of your 'recruitment force' relative to the market.

We then pragmatically bring you strategic, concrete, and time-adequate recommendations, enabling you to activate both 'quick wins' and more structuring levers. 

By your side and with the contribution of the best practices in the market, we help you achieve and exceed your goals.


Get a mission-driven
in-house support

Leading an HR project to to its completion while supporting the teams may require additional resources: we are involved in both project management and team support (Recruitment, Talent Development & Employer Branding).

At your side and with the contribution of everything that is best on the market, we help you achieve and exceed your objectives. 


Strengthen your game

Recruitment is an ever-changing profession, and the skills needed to excel are challenged every 6 months. 

We support your teams to strengthen their fundamentals and give them the means to become as efficient as possible in view of your current market. 

From the best techniques to create engagement among your candidates, to the tools and methods to manage the recruitment of up to thousands of people, our tailor-made training courses will adapt to your challenges. 

Our training is designed for:

- Talent Acquisition teams,

- Operational managers, 

- HR managers, 
- Communication & Employer Brand specialists. 


We go on the hunt for you, with your values and your expectations

Because we really love recruitment, we are not consultants or trainers who do not get involved: we apply our methods ourselves by recruiting, for you, the best profiles for your needs. 


- Top & Middle Management

- HR profiles

- International profiles

We make a special case of representing our clients in the best possible way, by providing an outstanding candidate experience. 

Because we deeply believe that if we can light a small flame in our candidates hearts and minds, you will transform it into passion and engagement. 

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