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Recruitment Scorecard Template

Here's a Recruitment Interview Scorecard template to build the best Talent Acquisition teams!

We use this Recruitment Scorecard for all our recruitments (both internal or external). We can adapt it for other positions and functions as well, for sure.

Recruitment Scorecard Model

How does this Recruitment Scorecard work?

This evaluation grid is based on the principle of anchors.

Let us guide you to understand the idea behind this practice:

1 - It is necessary to objectify the evaluation, and to be able to compare candidates with each other on one hand, and to compare the candidates to the needs of a job description on the other.

2 - Using numerical ratings allows for an easy comparison of your candidates with each other, both globally and in detail skill by skill, and so it allows us to have a simple and quick overview of each candidate's profile.

3 - Putting a numerical score on a subjective evaluation does not magically make it objective. And depending on the evaluator, your mood, your impressions, and a whole bunch of other variables that we do not control, we can quickly end up with a biased evaluation: that is, an evaluation that does not reflect the real level of a person.

4 - Each score must correspond to a specific level of competence. A 3 out of 5 must always represent the same thing, no matter the candidate, the evaluator, the situation. If this is not possible, it is because the skill or its sub-skills are not well defined enough.

5 - Each level of competence must correspond to an observable or simply verifiable fact. This is your "anchor", what you will cling to for your evaluation. Avoid skill levels that only come from the candidates' statements.

For example, "Has met or exceeded their objectives" is not verifiable based on a statement alone.
You can ask the question to assess the mastery the candidate has of their objectives, possibly obtain information about their honesty if the objectives have not been met, but you can never know if what they tell you is true, so it's too vague.

Focus on the skills that are success factors for this position.

6 - Keep the assessment simple. Having too many degrees per skill makes the evaluation too complex, we recommend 3 to 5 degrees to have a good compromise between evaluation granularity and ease of use (up to 6 if we count zero degree = absence of skill).

The WorkMeTender Scorecard: a simple tool accessible to everyone

It's a tool built with principles from work psychology, but we wanted it to be simple: any hiring manager or recruiter can use and understand it.

Scorecard Recrutement

Each skill has a weighting coefficient.

By default, each skill has a coefficient of 1. They all count equally in the calculation of the final score.

If some skills seem more important to you than others (as is the case in our model), then the coefficient can be weighted differently. For example, if a skill seems less impactful in the success of the position, you can set a coefficient of 0.8 instead of 1.

If, on the contrary, a skill seems to be a very important ingredient in the final recipe, then you can set it to 1.5 instead of 1.

We invite you to keep a scale of 0.5 to 1.5 to keep it coherent, but feel free to weight the coefficients as you see fit.

A Scorecard to use immediately or to customize

18 skills. 5 degrees per skill. 1 score calculated automatically.

The resulting profile evaluated concerns the Recruiter profession. More precisely, a certain vision of the recruiter's job, for a specific need that was ours.

Each recruitment requires its own scorecard.

The grid must be prepared in advance.

On the day of the evaluation (whether by interview, practical test, or other), you should only have to fill in the candidate's name and the scores on the day.

All candidates must be evaluated using exactly the same scorecard.

If you use a spreadsheet file like me, I recommend organizing one file per recruitment, with a tab for each candidate.

Of course, to be able to use a scorecard correctly, you must first have established a good job description.

Indeed, all these topics are part of the recruitment trainings delivered by WorkMeTender to operational manager teams.

We are very happy to offer you this tool, and we hope that it will help you to make your Talent Acquisition approach more reliable.

=> Access the Recruitment Scorecard Template in English or in French.

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